An Addendum to My Last Post

In my previous post about fishing, I mentioned that I didn’t like fishing when I was growing up.  My Dad read my post and reminded me about when I was first learning to fish and how much fun I had fishing when I was little.  Pulling those perch out of the lake at Huntsville State Park.  Fishing when we were in Colorado and catching rainbow trout, in fact, I believe that might have been one of my first fishing experiences.  He would take us fishing off the jetties at the beach and while he’d fish, we’d go crabbing and catch the occasional crab, but the pure craziness of catching a toadfish grossed us out so much that it is a fixture in my memory.  I think they’re called toadfish, they’re nasty-looking and have some sort of poisonous slime on them.  Daddy had to grab them off the hook and throw them back.  We’d squeal and squeak and laugh and then hope we’d catch a crab but it’d be another disgusting toadfish.

I DID love fishing with my Daddy as a little girl and growing up.  I didn’t care as much for fishing when I became a young adult and as an adult.  That’s when I didn’t get the appeal of it.  But the truth is that there were just other things that interested me.

I have pictures somewhere of me fishing as a kid with a huge smile on my face.  Daddy reminded me of this and I know these pictures are either at my house or at my parents’ house.  When I find them, they’ll bring smiles to my face and I’m sure I’ll be taken back to those moments when I was little and remember the feeling of that first catch.

Thanks Daddy, for taking your girls fishing.  Thanks for showing us what you loved and helping us learn how to do it.  I love you.


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