Well…I guess I’m not cut out for blogging

You know, I’m just not cut out for blogging. I can see my last blog post was from 2015. Almost two whole years ago.  We have since seen our dream house be built and moved into it on March 1 of 2016. We’ve been here over a year now and we are really enjoying country life. I resisted for a few months but once I drove back into Houston enough, I began to realize how much I didn’t miss the city.  Country life is good. 

I think I will leave he blog name the same and just work to update a little bit more often. It wasn’t easy updating from my phone because the typing pad is so small, but I’ve recently acquired an iPad and that makes typing a lot easier. 

So much happens here on a daily basis and I don’t want too much of it to get away from me. I want to remember it. I want to share it too because maybe something I learn will be of use to you. 

Until next time,



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