A Big Baby Step

 It’s a sparkling day out here at the farm!   We met with our lawyer today about drawing up the deed. Our next step will be taking the deed to Tilson and starting to build our new home!   


This is the view from my in-laws front porch as I sit on the swing. While sitting here I watched a family of cardinals enjoy a meal at the little bird feeder on the far right and was super entertained by a group of five bluebirds splashing and playing in the birdbath. My father-in-law, Bob (aka PawPaw), has turn his property into a natural habitat for bluebirds. I remember 18 years ago, when PJ and I started dating, there was one lonely bluebird out there. I only remember seeing one. I’m sure there must’ve been more but the same one kept coming around. Now there are oodles of them and they’re so much fun to see. I love their bright blue bodies and rosy chests. I wish I could’ve gotten a picture of them splashing, but my phone would not have zoomed close enough and if I’d walked toward them, they would’ve likely flown away. 

It’s interesting how Bob’s conditioned the animals on his land to come and feed in his yard. He taps the feed buckets so they know there’s food coming. There’s a family of ducks that have imprinted down by the gulley and they come out to feed. Deer come into the yard to eat corn.  Rabbits come around. It’s just adorable. 

My Mom came with us and while we were sitting on the porch together she said “I think it’d take a lifetime to ever get tired of this view.”  So true, Mom. In the nearly 2 decades I’ve been visiting the farm, I’ve never tired of the view. 

It’s a blessing. 



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