Positive Energy

Our surveyor came out to the land this past week and took a look at everything. Much of the land hadn’t been surveyed since the 1950s and got a fresh survey! I think that’s pretty cool. 
There’ll be a meeting with the lawyers in about a week and a half and we’ll be one step closer to putting the deposit down with Tilson on the house to start the building beginning stages. 
I’ve been thinking a lot these past few days about this move and how things are going. I feel so much ease about everything. As slowly as things seem to be moving, and I mean that in an optimistic way, things are moving comfortably. I am enjoying this process. 
I’ve been journaling about the things I have on my mind (there are a lot of things there) and I’ve been painting (I love love love to paint) and both of these activities keep me in a spiritually serene place.    

 I followed one of Ginger Cook’s YouTube tutorials and created this Abstract Guitar. Check her out! https://youtu.be/gWHTNeNtDIY

The painting has been more freeing than I ever remember. I have always loved creating art. I have cross-stitched, knitted, crocheted, made paper crafts, collages, cards, scrap-booked, doodled, sketched, painted (acrylic, watercolor, oils), designed, patterned, constructed clothes & costumes, sculpting, and jewelry making. There’s probably a couple of art forms I left out. I haven’t tried it all. I’m not a pro or master at any of it. I enjoy it and I do it because I love it and making and creating things makes me feel alive. 
What makes you feel alive?


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