Charged Up

Going over some notes.

Going over some notes. 

PJ went on Wednesday to get us signed up with the electric company!  Papers are signed with them. We have a surveyor lined up to take a look at the acreage and that’ll happen within the next three weeks.  There was a meeting with the septic provider and the placement of the septic tank was determined as well as the layout of the aerobic sprinklers. A nifty feature will be that we can program the sprinklers to run at a certain time during the night so that we don’t get surprised by pee-pee spray during the day if we happen to walk by the sprinklers!

Our budget is going to be really tight this coming year, and probably for quite some time, as we aggressively save for all that will be going into preparing the land and beginning the building process.

I’m continually relieved and impressed that Tilson takes care of so much of the process for us.

Talking with my PJ about all of the decisions and steps of this journey is exciting. The fact that enjoy it speaks volumes of how good this move will be for us.  For so long, the thought of moving gave me uncomfortable feelings. The thought of building a new home was something I had no interest or intention of doing.  Now here we are, I’m not scared. I feel brave. 

I continue to be blown away by the goodness of God. I’m so grateful. 


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