The Ball is Rolling

Wow, y’all, things are moving along so quickly right now that it’s hard to keep track!  I feel as though I’m already a little behind because there’s so much that’s happened in these last few weeks.

I started this blog 4 days ago while swinging on my in-laws’ porch swing while my husband (PJ) and his Dad (Bob/PawPaw) measured and staked out the placement of our new house.  Run-on sentence alert… We’ve met with our builder several times and toured several of their model homes as well as had our sales guy answer gobs of questions, figured out the upgrades we’re going to make, talked to the lending department at the small town bank, started the ball rolling with the mortgage broker, and crunched oodles of numbers.  Tomorrow we will call a surveyor to check out the land and a lawyer to draw up papers for the deed.

PJ’s parents are deeding us an acre of their land and this means so much to us.  It’s a tremendous gift.  My parents are helping out every way they can.  We feel so blessed already and know that without the generosity of our parents, this whole process would be incredibly different and possibly nonexistent.

Here’s something I want you all to know, Tilson Homes is such a fabulous company.  We are in the early stages of this process, just having met with them for the first time two weeks ago, and have been so impressed all along the way.  There is nothing our sales associate, Hunter, can’t answer for us.  The standard features of their homes are positively gorgeous.  Bob is totally impressed with them, which means a TON since he built the house he and Sandra (my mother-in-law) have lived in for the last 25 years.

We are excited to be working with Tilson for this whole process and are so grateful that the whole experience will be handled by them.  We don’t have to do very much on our own, they take care of so very much!  I’m so glad that PJ checked them out several years ago and thought of them first when we made this big decision.

My goal for this blog is mainly my own documentation and to remember my experiences, emotions, and all of the excitement involved in our family’s big journey.

It’s sure to be an eventful ride as PJ, Maddy (age 13), Caleb (10), Jude (6) and I make this big move from Houston to my in-laws’ 28 acres about 90 minutes north of us in beautiful Texas country.


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